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HomeWatch Program ™

“Your Eyes While You’re Away”

Leaving your home for the winter can be a busy and stressful event. You have to make sure everything is turned off, doors and windows are closed, the house is secured, and nothing is left undone. Then while you are away there’s always that nagging worry, “Did I leave a window open? Did someone break in? Are there mice rummaging through my home? Did the pipes freeze and bust?” Who wants to come home to a stuffy, cold home?

D-Bug can help! With our new HomeWatch Program ™ we are “Your Eyes While You’re Away.”

Within hours of leaving your home we come in and do a full evaluation. This evaluation includes:

  • Making sure all doors and windows are properly closed and secured.

  • Garage doors are closed.

  • No items are left on that could start a fire.

  • All TVs and radios are turned off.

  • The temperature is set to the winter setting.


During your time away, we do a weekly inspection to ensure your home is safe and secure. If any issues arise, we contact you immediately and take steps to rectify the situation.

Then the day before your return we ensure that your home is warm, inviting, and ready to welcome you home.

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