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Get Permanent Pest Proofing in Latrobe, PA

The biggest issue with pests is the simple fact that they are in your home. At some point, a small animal, bug, or insect somehow finds its way into your house. From there, they are able to make themselves at home. This is the point where they are considered pests.

Apart from the nuisance of having bugs and wild animals take up residence in your home, these pests have the potential to cause severe damage to your house. Fortunately, this can be prevented with various types of pest proofing methods provided by D-Bug Pest Control in Latrobe, PA (without the use of pesticides).

Home Sealing Latrobe, PA

Pest proofing is, first and foremost, about prevention. Continually setting out traps and poison is fruitless if you neglect to seek out and seal potential entry points for these invaders. The best way to ensure the proper sealing of these entry points is to consult D-Bug Pest Control for a thorough inspection.

First, consider gaps in your doors and windows. A large gap under a doorway would be a great place to start. There are plenty of weather-stripping options that can close the gap and prevent potential pests from gaining entry. Improperly sealed portals like vents and windows (and other gaps around doors) can be sealed in a variety of ways, based on each particular type of gap. There can also be gaps in siding, concrete walls, and your foundation. From caulking and weatherproof silicon to weather-stripping, screens, and wire, there are plenty of options to help prevent pests from reaching your home initially, thus preventing the need for eradication later.

Pest Control Insulation Latrobe, PAs

Another significant method of permanent pest prevention involves what is called T·A·P® Pest Control Insulation. T·A·P® stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, and its benefits are threefold:

  1. It works just as well as any other blown in insulation in Latrobe, PA by keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

  2. It’s Acoustical in that it helps to block outside noise from disturbing the tranquility of your home.

  3. It works for pest control by introducing the addition of borate material to the paper fibers used for insulation. This material disrupts the digestion process of insects and causes them to starve.

When you’re looking for permanent pest control solutions without the use of pesticides, contact D-Bug Pest Control in Latrobe, PA at (724) 537-3671.

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