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Wildlife Control Services in Latrobe PA

Wildlife Removal

From bats to possums, D-Bug Pest Control can protect your property from the threat of unwelcome wildlife. Our professional pest control services include a variety of options to remove pests in a safe manner while preventing their future return. We’ll keep the wild life away so you can enjoy your home.

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Wildlife Control

Raccoons, skunks, possums, and snakes are just a few of the pests you can find camping out in or around your home. Not only do these animals tend to carry any number of additional pests like bugs and parasites, they often carry diseases and can invade and damage your home. 

While a number of pests may only make noise or develop an odor, pests such as squirrels and possums can destroy any number of home necessities like insulation and wires, resulting in mild damage or even causing house fires.

Some of these pests can be more difficult to get rid of than others.

Wildlife Control in Latrobe, PA

While simply eliminating a few attractions, like access to open trashcans for raccoons, can alleviate part of the burden, often times removing pests requires multiple steps, especially if more than one pest has taken up residence in your household.

Ridding a home of a pest can be costly if done incorrectly not to mention dangerous if a homeowner decides to forego hiring a professional. Our services include many options to safely remove pests and prevent them from returning again.


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How to Get Rid of MolesMoles and Voles can be very destructive creatures that can have a huge emotional impact on a homeowner. A once beautiful lawn can be left with mounds of dirt, grassless paths, and large, protruding tunnels that make a mole highway through your yard.

Moles make their home underground, making tunnels through the dirt just below the surface in a constant search for food. Even though most homeowners believe they search for grubs, the mole’s main food source is the earthworm.

Voles may live in your mulch, under shrubs, or in holes in the ground. They eat the root of plants and grass, and will make above ground pathways in your yards as they consume the grass roots.

If you think you have a mole or vole problem, or are not sure whats causing your damage.
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Bats in the house, Latrobe PAEven though bats are not a protected species, they are considered beneficial and should not be harmed. When a homeowner finds a single bat in their home, you can easily remove them from the structure. Its when you find an entire colony of bats living in your home that things become difficult. Bats have a summer and winter home. Typical winter homes may be caves or deeply secluded areas where they can hibernate for the winter. When the warm weather arrives the bat colony will return to their summer home. Bats will use the same winter and summer home every year. This means that if you have a bat colony in your home, they will return every year.

Dangers of Bat Infestations

1.    Bat droppings carry a fungus know to cause histoplasmosis and cryptocacaous. Extreme caution should be used around guano and you should not breath the air in the area.
2.    Bats can introduce bat bugs, which are very similar to bed bugs.
3.    Bats can carry rabies.

Signs of a bat infestation

•    Black, greasy marks on the outside of your home.
•    Piles of bat droppings beside your home or stuck to the side of the structure.
•    Piles of bat droppings in the attic or enclosed areas.
•    A strong odor that may be the bat urine.
•    Bats may leave dark, greasy marks around the areas that they are inhabiting.
•    Scratching noises in the walls or attics mainly around the dusk and dawn hours.

Bat Removal Process

•    Single bats can easily be removed by enclosing them in a room, opening a window and calmly shooing them out of the door or window.
•    A colony of bats requires a professional service to provide exclusion services to remove the bats safely from the structure.

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