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Pest Control for McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Pest Control & Wildlife Removal

D-Bug Pest Control, INC. proudly serves the McKeesport, Pennsylvania community as full-service pest control provider. We control any and all pests that might have made their way into your home. This includes bats, bed bugs, termites, bees, groundhogs, ants, skunks, squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, stink bugs, hornets, snakes, possums and more. We can help diagnose and fix any problems associated with these pests so that you have a healthy home.

TAP Insulation

We also offer TAP insulation for attics that might need an upgrade. If your attic insulation is weak, pests can make their way into your home and also make it theirs. TAP insulation stands for Thermal, Acoustical and Pest Control. This 3-in-1 solution allows for you to protect your home in an environmentally friendly way while also keeping your electric bills lower.

Pest Control for Your Business

Finally, we offer all of our great services such as termite extermination and rodent removal to businesses and buildings for commercial uses. We provide a monthly inspection that looks for any potential problems. If you are worried about ant control or rodent extermination at your business or building, gives us call or follow the link to learn more. Your business is the last place you want to find mice, rats, bats or bugs.

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