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Stay Safe This Summer


D-Bug Pest Control offers a number of pest control services to the residents of Greensburg, Latrobe, and the surrounding areas! Here are just a few of the pests we inspect for, prevent and exterminate.

Stink Bugs

Winter months bring stink bugs into your home for hibernation. This means that in the spring and summer, stink bugs are exiting the structure of your home to mate and lay new eggs in the great outdoors. Unfortunately for you, this new and improved family of stink bugs will reenter your home in the fall if nothing stops them. It is important to call the pest control professionals at D-Bug Pest Control, and start taking action to prevent stink bugs from moving in this fall!


When you have a termite infestation on your property, these pests are feeding on the wood and debris in and around your home all day, every day. They live in huge colonies that can be a major threat to property owners in Latrobe, Greensburg and the surrounding areas.

At D-Bug Pest Control, we have a strategic process for the prevention and removal of termite colonies from your property. At the first sign of infestation, we use Sentricon to kill the colony as quickly as possible. Sentricon is also applied to the outside of your home to effectively ward off other termite swarms looking to build a nest in the wooden structure of your home.


Bat colonies are known to become unwanted roommates in the summer months, when they return from hibernation. While single bats can be easily removed by property owners, bat colonies require the professional help of D-Bug Pest Control.

Bats are seen as helpful to the ecosystem, and therefore have to be removed alive rather than exterminated like other pests. If you believe you have a bat infestation in you Latrobe or Greensburg-area home, contact D-Bug Pest Control immediately. If the bat colony is not removed, it will continue to return each summer.

Bees & Yellow Jackets

Honey bees, like bats, are an asset to our environment. They should never be exterminated, but should be removed by a pest control professional from any areas near your home.

Yellow jackets are also beneficial to the ecosystem and food chain, but can put people on your property in danger. They nest in the ground, and have been known to sting harmless humans while trying to defend their nest.

Carpenter bees, however, can cause major structural damage by boring holes into the wood of your home. These bees need to be removed immediately by a pest control professional in order to protect your home. Fortunately, these bees are not exceptionally aggressive, although the females can sting.

D-Bug Pest Control strives to help the citizens protect their homes from the problematic pests of the season. To learn more about what we do, contact us today