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Take Back Control Over Your Home
Have you been struggling to find a solution for pest invaders? If not treated properly, you could be battling them for what feels like ages. When you team up with D-Bug Pest Control, we’ll remove any infestation and help you take back control of your home - fast!

8 Decades of Experience

We're no industry amateur! Since our establishment in 1939, our expertly-trained professionals have almost 8 decades of experience in the field.​

Pest-Free Guarantee

We stand behind all of our pest control services. If you notice pests after we treat your home, there will be no additional cost for any necessary re-treatment – that’s our satisfaction guarantee!

Local Experts

All of our employees are state licensed and Quality Pro certified in Pennsylvania. This means you get superior service from local experts who know the specific challenges you’re facing where you live.

We had ants pretty bad in the kitchen area and no idea why.  We had D-Bug come out to treat and also to give us bait boxes. We haven't seen any ants since. Thank you! They are very professional and prompt!


Pest Control in North Huntingdon

With the thorough and detailed treatments our exterminators in North Huntingdon provide, we’re confident in the long-term results you’ll be receiving. We trust the service that our hard-working pest technicians in North Huntingdon provide, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee! If you notice pests within 30 days of our treatment, we will come back and retreat for free. We will happily do what we can to keep you and your family happy and living in a pest-free home.

Trustworthy Expertise You Can Count On

With eight decades of experience in pest control, you can count on our exterminators in North Huntingdon to get the job done. Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise, but we also take great pride in the great customer service we provide. Being a small, family-owned business, we treat you like a part of the family. We’ll listen to your needs and treat your home with care and precaution. Don’t restlessly fight the pests on your own - call D-Bug Pest Control to get quick and effective relief!

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North Huntingdon Pest Control Services

With so many things to enjoy about Pennsylvania, there’s no need to stay inside battling pests. Our North Huntingdon pest control technicians will get rid of all pests that have snuck their way in, so you can go out and enjoy our beautiful state! Our North Huntingdon exterminators have worked with homes that have been infested by numerous pests. Some of the pests we can help you remove are:

  • Spiders
  • Bees
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Beetles
  • Wasps
  • Centipedes
  • And more!

Feel Confident in our Total Home Protection

If you’re looking for long-term protection from pests, invest in our Total Home Protection Plan! This plan provides bi-monthly pest services, that way we can make sure no pests have found their way back to your home. With our highly-trained North Huntingdon pest control technicians and our Total Protection Plan by your side, you’ll be free from encounters with ants, roaches, spiders, and more.

Our Total Home Protection Plan includes indoor protection and treatment during months January and February, and outdoor protection for the remaining months. Our outdoor protection helps prevent pests from finding their way in. Our pest control in North Huntingdon leaves your home protected from any threats year-round. With our Total Home Protection Plan, you can call us at any time for any pest problems that arise.

Ready to invest in a pest-free life?

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