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Take The Sting Out of Time Outdoors

Ridding your home of bees, wasps, or hornets can be a risky endeavor, ending in success or painful stings. That being said, you shouldn’t let these stinging insects ruin your fun outdoors!  Our expert stinging insect services will free your home from the dangerous of these nasty pests.  Let the experts at D-Bug give you a hand, so you can take the sting out of time outdoors without getting stung!

Stinging Insect Control in Western Pennsylvania

Luckily for you, D-Bug offers quality stinging insect control services in the Western Pennsylvania area, including service options in:

Fast and Effective Relief That Lasts

When it comes to stinging insect treatments, DIY can be a risky route to take. Don’t take that chance when it comes to bees and wasps - let our experts handle the problem for you! Our quality stinging insect control services are fast and effective, treating the nest to eliminate existing stinging insects, and then removing the nest to keep new stinging insects from moving in. That not only gives you immediate relief, but also lasting relief, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces sting free for seasons to come! Our trained bee exterminators know how to remove bees and bee nests from your property while still being environmentally conscious.  Along with this, we are experts and wasp control.  We understand that having wasps around your property have very little upside, so we aren't as friendly to them!  Even better? With over 8 decades of experience, we are so confident in our service offerings that we are happy to offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee - if you continue to have issues after our servicing, we’ll come back out to retreat at no charge to you.

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a no-sting zone? 

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