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Take The Sting Out of Time Outdoors

Ridding your home of bees, wasps, or hornets can be a risky endeavor, ending in success or painful stings. That being said, you shouldn’t let these stinging insects ruin your fun outdoors! Our expert stinging insect services will free your home from the dangers of these nasty pests. Let the experts at D-Bug give you a hand, so you can take the sting out of time outdoors!

Stinging Insect Control in Western Pennsylvania

honey bee sitting on a dandelion

When it comes to stinging insect treatments, DIY can be a risky route to take. Don’t take that chance when it comes to bees and wasps - let our experts handle the problem for you! Our quality stinging insect control services are fast and effective, treating the nest to eliminate existing stinging insects, and then removing the nest to keep new stinging insects from moving in. That not only gives you immediate relief but also lasting relief, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces sting-free for seasons to come!

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Ethical and Safe Bee Removal

Bee removal depends on the kind of bee that's infesting your property. In some states, there are laws protecting bees, especially honey bees. it's important to be able to distinguish between different bees before treating them. 

Honey Bees

Honey bees do a lot more than just make honey. They actually pollinate approximately 80 percent of your food, making them an extremely important part of the ecosystem, as well as your next meal. Honey bees can, however, become a problem if they get too close or take up too much space on your property. They do sting, but only once as this defense is fatal to them. More commonly, honey bees become problematic when they move into a chimney or attic because their colonies can survive for many years.

Honey bees should never be exterminated, only carefully and ethically moved to another place if they have become bothersome or dangerous to you or your family

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees may live a solitary lifestyle, but they can certainly cause as much trouble as an entire colony. Female carpenter bees can cause major structural damage to the wooden parts of your home by boring holes to lay eggs. Female carpenter bees can sting, although they do it rarely. Male carpenter bees, despite lacking a stinger, are very aggressive and can startle you and your family.

These bees feed on nectar, making them beneficial to the environment despite the danger they pose to the structures of your home. Like other bees, carpenter bees need to be carefully removed from your property by a bee removal professional.

Getting Rid of Bees & Wasps For 80+ Years

Our trained bee exterminators know how to remove bees and bee nests from your property while still being environmentally conscious. Along with this, we are also experts in wasp control. We understand that having wasps around your property has very little upside, so we aren't as friendly to them! However, our pest exterminators are able to safely remove honey bees from your yard while keeping their hives intact, allowing the bees to continue pollinating - just not in your home. Even better, with over 8 decades of experience, we are so confident in our service offerings that we are happy to offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee - if you continue to have issues after our servicing, we’ll return for a retreatment at no additional charge.

Areas We Service in Western Pennslyvania 

Ready to enjoy your yard without the fear of stinging insects? Luckily for you, D-Bug offers the best stinging insect control services in the Western Pennsylvania area and is ready to help you reclaim your backyard. We service the following areas and more:

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