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Have a Yard the Whole Family can Enjoy

Having a beautiful yard takes time, energy, and resources, but when you partner with D-Bug Pest Control for our professional lawn care services, we'll do all the work for you! With our exceptional customer service and specialized treatments, we'll help you transform your yard so you're able to enjoy it stress-free.

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Our Lawn Care in Western Pennsylvania

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Here in Pennsylvania, we are lucky that we get to experience all four seasons. However, the combination of hot summers and cold winters can be harsh on our grass. If your turf is struggling to survive, we offer professional lawn care services that will improve the health of your turf no matter the season. Between our attention to detail, family-friendly products, and 80+ years of experience, we are your best bet for lawn care in Pennsylvania.

Personalized Lawn Care Treatments

What sets us apart from competitors? Instead of offering the same treatment to everyone, our Lawn Guard treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. When you choose us as your trusted lawn care company, we will:

  • Inspection to search for problems involving outdoor pests, signs of moisture or leaking, wildlife issues, plant diseases, and more.
  • Design a custom lawn treatment plan based on your yard's specific needs that include fertilization, weed control, soil testing, and more.
  • Treat your grass with low-risk, family-friendly products for your peace of mind.
  • Return on a recurring basis for optimal, long-lasting results

From general lawn care to specific, targeted treatments, we know all the tips and tricks of the trade needed to keep your grass healthy and beautiful!

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Additional Services to Help Your Yard Thrive

The key to keeping your yard looking its best is partnering with a lawn care company that has the skill and expertise to offer the comprehensive care your yard deserves. Here at D-Bug, we do just that! Our Lawn Guard add-on services keep your grass fed, nourished, and protected from unwanted invaders, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful green outdoor spaces!

On top of our standard lawn care treatments, we also offer:

  • Lime application: Keeping your soil's pH at the right level is critical to proper growth, making lime application essential for the green leafy growth you crave! 
  • Aeration: Aeration is the best way to keep grass plants happy, healthy, and looking their best. 
  • Over-seeding: Overseeding allows us to help you achieve the dense luscious look you crave in your outdoor spaces by adding grass seeds. 
  • Grub Control: Our insecticide-based application is designed to keep your yard grub-free.
  • Fungicide Application: Our fungicide application keeps unsightly fungus at bay so your trees and shrubs can stay happy and healthy. 

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Feel Confident in Our Local Expertise

Since 1939, D-Bug has been offering exceptional services to our local community, though it wasn't until 2016 that we applied that knowledge to servicing the outdoor space by introducing our Lawn Guard program. Our experience with Western Pennsylvania homes really gave us an advantage.

After all, we’re not some national company that offers the same treatments in all 50 states. Since we live here, too, we offer treatments that we know will be successful on our terrain. When you partner with us, you can feel confident knowing that you’re choosing a team that has 80 years of local expertise.

Areas We Service in Western Pennsylvania

Our team of experienced, local lawn care experts is ready to serve you in the following areas:

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