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Over 80 Years of Ant Control Experience

If ants have made themselves at home in your home, the expert exterminators at D-Bug Pest Control are here to help. With over 8 decades of experience offering quality ant control in western Pennsylvania, we have what it takes to rid your home of ant invaders for good!

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Ant Control in Western Pennsylvania

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Ant colonies are known for being notoriously tricky to eliminate, with most DIY solutions offering only temporary relief. If you are tired of clearing up your ant infestation only for a new line of marching invaders to pop up in a matter of days, the experts at D-Bug are here to help! Our ant control services in western Pennsylvania offer comprehensive protection from a variety of ant species, including:

  • Pavement ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • And more!

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Ant Control From An Award-Winning Pest Control Company

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to ant control, so we work hard to make sure our services speak for themselves. As an Angie’s List Service Award winner and Tribune-Review Readers Choice Award recipient, it’s safe to say our customers agree! Our western Pennsylvania ant treatments are designed to give you lasting relief, using eco-friendly integrated pest management techniques to eliminate household ants once and for all! All of our ant control services in western Pennsylvania include:

  • A thorough in-home inspection by one of our expert exterminators to determine where ants are entering your home and where possible nests may be located
  • Chemical-free integrated pest management recommendations to help you keep ants out
  • Baiting program options to help eliminate ants if needed
  • Expert advice on how to keep ants from coming back

Areas We Provide Ant Control

Location is no problem for us, as we serve a large portion of western Pennsylvania including the following: 

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